Artistic Business

February 11, 2010

If you’re wondering whether or not having a website pays or not, here are some resources on the subject:

First off, as an artist, I have found that my website works for me 24/7 no matter where I am.  It is my face when I can’t be front and center.  It is where people find me, find my work, my classes and exhibits.   And yes, I do my own website because I have more control over the content and design that way.  I find that people don’t know as well how to represent me as well as I want them to so I do it myself.  In case you didn’t know, my website is at

Now for those of you who already have a website: how do you know how well it’s working for you?  There are a couple of things to look at for this info.  One is your domain host.  There is usually a way to get statistics about your website from the domain host.  These statistics can tell you how many visits were counted to your site in a day, a week, in a month and sometimes even hour by hour.  They can also tell you what countries these visits were from, what links they came in from and so on.  They should also tell you the top 10 referrer sites such as other websites with links to yours, search engines used and so forth.

There is another site you can use that is independent of your domain host.  This is  This site can tell you how many websites are linking to yours, where you rank among sites overall and even the words most used to find your site which is invaluable for streamlining your tags.   You can even look at statistics for your blog at Alexa.
What more can you ask for?


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