Where in the World is Meredith Arnold?

February 9, 2010

I’m here!  I’m here!  I was teaching in Tucson at the JOGS Show and it got very busy.  I had planned to blog from there but it didn’t work out.

The JOGS show was great.  Actually it ends tomorrow but I had to get back.  That thing is huge.  I could lost just in that one show alone.  My big thrill was when my friend Bee discovered they had wheat free chocolate cookies in the coffee bar there – oh and the fabulous Spectralite Labradorite from Madagascar at jaw dropping prices… Of course I bought a bunch.  How could I not?

This year I got to see some of the other shows though I didn’t get to some that I had planned on.  I was thrilled to get to Tucson Electric Park and find Kent’s Tools, (they’re based in Tucson).  I found just what I needed from them: heavy duty plier-like metal punches that are good down to 18 gauge metal.  I bought two!  Also, I found out that if my students break the punch part, I can have that replaced through Kent’s, too, so in the long run I just saved myself a few hundred dollars because that is the tool my students break.  I had one class go through four metal punches in one class.  That cost me about $100 alone.

The classes being offered around town were numerous and varied including resins, jewelry design, wire working, and more.  The JOGS show set up a free shuttle to all the main shows in town so it’s easy to get around.  If you have never been to the Tucson Gem Show, plan on it.  It’s a blast and Tucson is a beautiful place.  I’ll post some pix shortly!


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