Making Decisions

January 30, 2010

I was thinking about being a kid today and how being an artist is similar.  So I asked myself what is the biggest difference between being a kid and an adult besides the obvious?  Without hesitation, it popped into my: making decisions.  Decisions as a kid are much simpler.

When you’re a kid, making decisions ranges from who am I going to play with today to what shall we do?   As an adult the range of decisions is decidedly heavier and more like: which bills do I pay this month? Do I do the dishes or take a nap?   Kids don’t have to decide to take a nap.  They just do it.

So as an artist many of our decisions include what color do I use here?  What happens  if I put this image here and then do that to it?  Just to do our job requires a whole string of ongoing decisions.  They aren’t tough sometimes because it’s a question of what we decide rather than an imposed framework that determines the answer.

So when real life collides with your art work maybe being more like a little kid is the answer:  just do it.


One Response to “Making Decisions”

  1. Marie S said

    Thus the reason I would rather do art than be an adult.
    So much more relaxing, damn those bills anyway!!
    Love and hugs precious.

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