Sharky Shark’s Girlfriend

January 29, 2010

So I know we haven’t heard much from Sharky for awhile.  He’s been hanging around, still in the kitchen, latched onto a cupboard now for a bit.  He doesn’t seem to want to let go of that magnet so he just sticks wherever, kind of like a Remorrah eel, (don’t tell him I said that).

The other day, my friend Ann, the one that tortures me with orange and actually gifted me with Sharky in the first place popped up with yet another shark!  This one was a hammerhead shark.  I am not a very good shark mother though.  Somehow I lost her in Belltown in an hour.  She was very interesting with her eyes so far apart (I think Sharky would like that!) and she had one heck of a under bite with lovely teeth.

She Shark with the serious under bite.

We decided that she has now become the invisible She Shark with the severe under bite.  If anyone has seen her, please let me know.  Sharky is lonely biting this seriously strong magnet in my kitchen.


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