The JOGS Show in Tucson

January 28, 2010

View from Tucson airport.

This week it’s all about packing and getting ready to leave for Tucson.  It’s time for the biggest gem and jewelry show in the U.S. and I’m going.

I hear that I should bring my hip waders and I just found out that the shows got together and made sure that the shuttle service is going so I didn’t have to rent that car this year… oh well.  In the rain, the car will be lovely I’m sure.

Here’s a video on YouTube that our class coordinator made about our classes:

Think of me next week, going to a private party in the Tucson Museum of Art.  WooHOO!   That’s always fun.   Maybe I’ll remember to take pictures this time!

OH and check out the Art House that the museum is RAFFLING off, no kidding:


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