Without Creativity…

January 27, 2010

Watching Star Trek Classic, Jim Kirk tells “Landru” the machine, “Without creativity there is no life”.   Right on.  As an artist, I understand this.

Some cool art made on a Clie PDA. You can be creative anywhere if you really want to!

This totally dovetails with what a friend of mine was saying to me recently.  It all started when I got slammed with too many things to do for various jobs and instead of attending my favorite monthly painting get together with a group of artists, I ended up working 4 different jobs all day.  I was exhausted by the end of the day and feeling like I had really missed out on the gift day that I had been looking forward to.   So this scenario culminated in an email message from my friend, the meat of which was:  as an artist I need regular “soul food” and so she decided, when feeling particularly depleted by work, to go into her studio and create.  That was the soul food she was talking about.

So remember to keep your art dates as inviolable ones, feed your creative soul every day and as much as possible.  You will be happier for it!  And yes, I am taking my own advice.  To begin with: I’m not committing to working every day possible which is a switch.  I just had someone ask me if I was available for private lessons and I had to tell them: if you can wait until mid-May.  I’m not scheduling myself to work or teach 7 days a week this year.   I need some soul food days.


4 Responses to “Without Creativity…”

  1. Syd said

    You’re making my mouth water …

    • meredith11 said

      HAH! Meager life?? I think not! You’re a Grandmother for goodness sake, married for 31 yrs., an artist for more years than that, have invented a product that revolutionized the art of polymer clay and made polymer clay recognized as an art medium vs. kid stuff in the U.S. and around the world…excuse me???
      I’ll never match up to the scale of your accomplishments on *all* of those fronts but one, (the married one – at some point if all goes well!). Think about it.

    • meredith11 said

      Tee hee! That’s EXCELLENT! =)

  2. Marie said

    You are so good, and I am so proud of you!!
    Bout time you are taking a day off, you are making the rest of us look bad!!
    Love and lots of hugs my friend, thanks so much for listening. I will get it eventually. Sheesh, at least I hope something sinks in one of these days.
    You are dearly loved by this one and a gift in my meager life.

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