One Idea

January 26, 2010

In a split second, one idea, one second in time, one friend, one thought, one leap of faith can change everything.  If we took one idea that we really believed in and put five minutes of work to bring it true – say five minutes of thinking about ways to begin, then another five minutes choosing one course of action.  Then pursuing that course of action, no matter how long it takes, that would be it.  Instead of being at the beginning of the road, we would be down that road.

Just one idea.  One idea for a day or a week or a lifetime.   For example, I have said that you only have two choices in any given situation:  one is to change it and if you can’t change it outside of yourself, then you must change how you look at it.  I have sat for five minutes and thought of different ways to look at a thing so that I could change how I’m looking at something.  I’ll set a number of ideas to generate, say 6, and then just throw down on paper whatever I can to make the quota.  It can be ridiculous, way out or down to earth.  It doesn’t matter.  For example, how many ideas can you think of to get apples from the TOP of a tree without climbing it?

1. Shake the tree (an obvious solution)

2.  Get a fire truck and use their hook and ladder assembly to put you above the tree.

3.  Glide into the tree in a glider.

4. Chop the tree down…

Once the creative ideas start flowing I am sure to come up with a solution or a new way to see a thing.  It makes a hard thing a little more doable.  Try it and see!


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