Tucson Gem Show

January 22, 2010

Amazingly, it’s time for the Tucson Gem Show again.  It almost seems like I was just there and yet this year has been an incredibly busy, full and long one… How does that work?  That ‘fast-slow’ feeling?   Is it because the more stuff you cram into your time makes it seem longer later?  Meanwhile, at the time, because so much is going on the time seems to just fly by.  See? I don’t know if I’m coming or going!  =)

Anyway,  I’m teaching 3 different programs for a total of 9 classes from Feb. 1- Feb. 8 at the JOGS Show in the Tucson Expo Center.You can see the details at:  www.jogsshow.com or www.artbeadcircle.com

It’s an interesting mix of classes:

Texture Plates with Metal Clay (PMC) – Create at least 2 photopolymer plates for texturing metal clay, basic metal clay techniques and firing information: rolling, shaping, texturing, firing, and finishing techniques.

Liquid Polymer and Resin Veneers for PMC – Discover the freedom to totally custom create jewelry pieces like never before! This process will have you quickly creating a lot of unique focal point inlays for PMC, wire or polymer jewelry or even earrings. Every student will create multiple sheets of resin encased designs as well as liquid polymer sheets that can be then cut with scissors to shape or use as veneers to fill bezels, make stack rings and more. Each student will get a bracelet blank to veneer and be able to make a stack ring in class if they choose. Or combine this class with Kathy St. Martin’s PMC Bezels class to make a complete one-of-a-kind pure silver setting for your customized encased resin or liquid polymer veneer.

Shimmer and Shine: Silk Beads– These beads are luscious, simple and fun to make. They can be wild, sedate, or whimsical. The greatest thing about these beads is how they go with everything. Students will make at least two bracelets and/or a necklace in class! The results are amazing and everyone will go home with happy results.

Now, I suppose I should think about packing…  No wonder I don’t know if I’m coming or going!


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