Make Your Own Paintbrushes, Part 2

January 21, 2010

So once you have your materials assembled to create your own paintbrushes, (hair, feathers and handles), you will need “Shoe Goop”, a knarly adhesive but one of the best adhesives around.  That stuff is guaranteed to fix any shoe and make any paintbrush bristles of a brush you make stay in.  It does have an odor so be sure to use it in a well ventilated space, okay?

There are two ways to make a brush and each depends on the sort of handle you’re going to use.  If you’re using a stick or similar item, (coffee stirrer, tongue depressor, or other thin stick like item), you will be wrapping the handle with the bristles of the brush and tying a thread around them at the top.  If you have a large enough dowel, pencil or flute where a hole can be drilled into one end or there is already a hole, you’ll be applying the glue into the hole and pushing the top third of your bristles into the glue inside the hole.

If you’re using hair for a stick like handle: cut and shape the hair how you would like it to be.  It should be about 2″ long and the hank of hair should be about half an inch wide.  The other option is to leave the hair attached to the skin, apply glue onto the stick handle, then spiral wrap the hair onto the stick in the glue leaving a good tuft of it to act as the bristles of your brush.

It’s useful to know how to make your own brush.  I’ve made some brushes for gluing in a pinch or when I needed something larger or smaller than what I have on hand.  The marks that these unusual brushes will be different then what you’re used to from store bought brushes, too.  It will expand your mark making repertoire.  Have fun!


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