Before Felt Pens

January 16, 2010

It’s interesting to think about life before felt pens.  I know it sounds weird but I was reading a post I wrote last July titled “The Funniest Things Change Our Lives” because it has the most views of any post I’ve written and continues to every day.  That post was about how my collection of wooden stamps began and how those little fabric stamps from India set me off into design.

I was struck by the comment about Flair pens.  I remember so well when those colorful pens came on the scene.  That was probably one of the largest ad campaigns to hit the t.v. air waves ever.  It would be fun to see one of those commercials again.  They had a lot of doodle art in them and really were very entertaining.  We didn’t have a color t.v. but funny thing, I remember them in color!

Anyway, those felt pens were such an innovation at the time.  Did we have felt pens before that?  I don’t think so but I don’t know.  Perhaps I’ll research that and post on it for you.


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