The Arts Map

January 10, 2010

I’ve been watching the Arts Map grow day by day.  It’s very cool to learn about other artists and their work not to mention, museums, galleries and art supply places.

There is an artist in Washington state that has an interest in campers, RV’s, gypsy caravans (ME TOO!) and the like that has some interesting variations of these on his site.  What caught my eye was his name: Joe Natural.   He has some great assemblages and even a house on the beach for sale:

I happened to click on the picture of the Camper on a bicycle and it took me to:

Go  see the Shopping Cart Camper!  It is a series of pix that starts with a photo and includes a drawing of how the Shopping Cart Camper works.  Very cool ideas!  What a great imagination.  It gives a whole perspective on mobile, compact housing which is something I like to daydream about.  =)

The Camper Bike!


One Response to “The Arts Map”

  1. JD said

    I saw one of these parked… DOWN BY THE RIVER!

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