What Was Good Today?

January 8, 2010

I think artists struggle every day with a lot of things: is what I’m doing good? I can’t get this right.  Can I get my stuff together for that deadline? Will I make enough money to live?  Oh-oh, a bill is due and I don’t have the money…  I don’t have enough time to create my work and I’m frustrated.  The list goes on and on.   Here’s a thought:  happiness is a thought.  Whatever you’re struggling with might be as simple as another thought.   What if you chose to look at not having enough time to create your work as: what bits of time do I have to create my work?  What if I take that free half hour on Tuesday and use it?  I bet you will find the time – *because you’re looking for it*.  What else can you turn around?

I just heard an 87 year old, widowed lady say that every day she looks at what was good today.  What a great place to be coming from.  This means that she is centered in the positive, looking to appreciate her world and extract all the good possible from a day.

I think we lose sight of these things so easily when we’re younger because we have places we need to be, people to see, jobs to do, things to create, deadlines and so on.

Take a minute to think about what was good today before you go to bed.  I guarantee that doing this every day will help your frame of mind.  Why?  Because you’re looking for it.  Use your power for the good!


One Response to “What Was Good Today?”

  1. Marie said

    …and in the morning wake up and say thank you and be grateful for each one of the things you found the night before.
    Love you Mer.
    I am grateful for you and our friendship!
    Happy Happy New Year, may this be your best ever!!

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