Getting What You REALLY Want, Part 2

January 2, 2010

So the basics as covered yesterday:

Write it down.

Make it specific

Make a real commitment.

That’s it in a nutshell but what does it mean?

When you write something down your mind hangs onto it longer.  The more senses you use to do a thing, the more you remember it.  See it, write it, say it or sing it.  Whatever floats your boat.  Each time you do any of those things increases your odds.  This is part of “doing the work.”

Consistency is the key to any commitment.  This means working on a thing a little bit each day, each week or each month on a regular basis.  That is consistency and shows commitment.  So set aside 10 minutes a week to think about your goals.  See them, say them or whatever.  Do a collage about them.  Just 10 minutes a week.  This will help to keep your mind keyed into what you want.

Figure out the steps you need to get there.  For example, if you want to paint more: what time can you set aside to do that?  Maybe just an hour a week or one afternoon a month?  Okay, do it.  Those minutes, hours and afternoons add up and you’ll be surprised how just by doing something a little will become increased by itself.   Why?  Because you enjoy it, you must do it and once you get yourself conditioned to being committed: YOU WILL BE!

Viola, mere steps to a new life.  Isn’t it grand?


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