Make It a Happy New Year!

January 1, 2010

It’s time to write down some goals.  I know.. you’ve heard it and heard it but it works and this is how:

Writing down specific goals puts the thought in the back of your mind and helps you to focus in on what you really want.  REALLY want.  Not just sorta want.  Just a couple, not a zillion! Be realistic about it so it will really work.

The Rules for Getting What You Really Want:

Pick 3 big goals.  Just 3.  When you’ve reached one, add a new one then and only then unless it’s a goal that needs to “set” like keeping weight off for a year or something like that.

What you get may not happen exactly when you want it to.  It might be a year or years, but if you really want it, it will happen because you will keep focusing in on it.

Sometimes it may not be exactly what you wanted but close.  For example:  Some years ago, deep in debt, etc. etc.  I decided I wanted to make $80,000 a year.   YUP.  That is specific.   Okay,  so I’m not making any $80,000 a year nor am I going to any time soon but I do have more work then I’ve ever had.  Along with that, I also have more interest in my work then I’ve ever had. I’m seeing the light at the end of the tunnel and feel confident that I can continue to make a living with my art.   I’m pretty sure this all has to do with making that goal of actually making a living with my art important – really important.  I made a real commitment and that’s what really makes the difference.

A good goal:

Commit to your art or whatever it is you want to change.  Make that real commitment and you will have it.


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