5 Effective Ways to Market Your Art

December 28, 2009

Get ready for the New Year!  Create your plan of action and work it:

1.  Make that database of your contacts for an effective email and mailing list.  Pile all of the bits and pieces together: business cards you’ve collected, email addresses, phone contact info from your cell phone, and so on.  Put it all into a spreadsheet so that you have it at a moments notice to send out email announcements of anything special that you’re doing or involved in.  If you do have a show, any gallery will appreciate your efforts on their behalf and may even provide you with an email postcard for you to send out (oh so professional looking!).

2.  Get involved with other artists.  I have seen it time and again: the more artists you know, the more work you’ll have, hands down.  Who else is making the rounds in your market?  It’s a natural fit.  I have often passed along info on artists for an appropriate show to a colleague, my students have passed opportunities on to me (HEY, I showed and taught in Switzerland this way!).  This is *critical* networking. Hop to it.  This is super important.

We have an artist’s group at ArtWorks called ‘Artists Connect’ specifically for artists to network and connect.  They have organized a very successful annual show, art studio tour and continue with a strong showing at their meetings, often having 50 or more artists attending.  They respect each other and everyone’s art as well as prove to be a really creative group when someone poses a question or asks for input.  It’s a great community to learn from and support.

3. Create as much presence online as you possibly can.  These sites will work for you 24/7 for just a bit of your time.  Online communities are huge and you never know who is going to see what you put there.  Create accounts at http://www.facebook.com, http://www.twitter.com,  http://www.myspace.com, http://www.linkedin.com and whatever else you can dig up through Google.  There are a variety of artist communities online as well.  Go for it.  Figure out how they work,  get pix of your work on there and a way to email you.   Work it!

Check out http://www.stumbleupon.com and see how it can work for you.

4.  Employ Guerilla marketing techniques:

Leave some of your MOO cards in bathrooms at the library, work, a public event.  There isn’t much to compete with your card in the bathroom!

Direct marketing:  Hand cards out to anyone you see for two blocks walking downtown.

Give your cards to some artists friends for them to hand out for you.  Take theirs and hand them out in return.  It’s easier to do marketing for someone else so band together and help each other.

5.  Try Constant Contact for free!  http://www.constantcontact.com   Constant Contact is one of those email marketing/newsletters that get sent around with pictures, etc.   You can try it free for 60 days and they have different plans/costs starting as low as $15 a month, if you’re interested.

If you put together that spreadsheet in step #1, this is the next logical step.  Create a newsletter showing pictures of your new body of work.  Send it around.  Don’t stop there!  It takes 3 times for stuff to stick in people’s heads anymore.  The first time, it’s the first time.  The second time, it’s a little familiar or it’s “oh yeah! I wanted to go see that person’s website but I forgot”.  The third time it’s “I MUST go see that website, exhibit, person’s work at the Farmer’s Market” or whatever.

Now get to work!


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