Back to Work: Get Your Art Seen!

December 27, 2009

Okay. so more pieces of the puzzle: what are other ways to get my work seen without taking a bunch of time to do?  What should you *always* have with you to work for you? No, not a squid, your mother or a book.  It’s a business card!  Here’s an idea:

1. Get MOO cards.  MOO cards are half the height of business cards and just as long.   You get 100 MOO cards for about $24.95. You can upload up to 100 different pictures, one for each card, if you want to.  If you upload 20 pictures, they will print them equally throughout the 100 cards so that you have repeats.  See

MOO cards come in a cool box!

The great thing about MOO cards: they make a huge statement FOR you when you’re not even around.  I uploaded 20 or so pix for my second batch of MOO cards and people started collecting them.  I thought this might be a problem but you never know who will see your card pinned to someone’s bulletin board.  Chances are that if it makes someone happy, it will hang around in a visible spot that you would not have access to otherwise.  Pretty nifty!

How the MOO website works:  Upload an image, crop it, size it for the format and so forth right on the website.  Save it when you’re done and it gets put into the pool of your pictures on your account.

You can have different colors for the text and up to 6 lines of type on one side.  Picture on one side/text on the other.

TIPS  – Make sure you have great pictures to begin with.   If the image is too big or too small for the MOO card format, use a paint or photo manipulation program on your computer to resize it and re-upload it to MOO.   It’s worth the extra time to get this part right.

Remember: when getting your work out there, you want big impact but work efficiently.  Your time is valuable.   As an artist, you are the manufacturer and the best representative of your work on the planet.  More on this next post!


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