Creative Meanderings

December 26, 2009

I actually got a minute to goof off and found some fun and funny things.

Ooooh treasure!

One of them wasn’t showing their pix but the name was great:  Rick Rack

Attack. Isn’t that hilarious?  I love rick rack.  I bought some metallic rick rack a couple of weeks ago to have in my supplies for when inspiration strikes.  HMMM, perhaps I’ll have a rick rack attack!

Oh and speaking of frippery (frippery?), check out:   Lots of ideas and stuff to use there for a variety of directions.   I”ve never seen velvet rick rack before or such cool resin embellishments!  I can only imagine what some of these things would look like painted or in a painting.  It just makes me day dream.  The bowl of ballerinas made me laugh.  I used to make up stories about these things every time I saw them on someones birthday cake.  I pretended that one of them followed me around and her name was Pinky.  REALLY!  So it’s fitting to find them at The Little Pink Studio.  =)

Is this a bowlful or a bevy of ballerinas? Thank

Here is a link to 52 FREE apron patterns.  Aprons are art in my book.  I’ve always thought it would be fun to make a very large book with an apron for each page…

A Jessie Steele 1950's type apron. Do you cook vintage food when wearing this? Anyone for weiner winks?

Links for some collage quilting: – (this one has templates for paper quilting) – (this really is mixed media and cool)

A very cool site about paper cutting:

An inspiring site: – They’re not afraid to pare back for ‘house cleaning’, still there is a blog, a shop, and just stuff to see.


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