Craig Ferguson’s 1000th Show

December 19, 2009

Craig Ferguson of The Late Show on CBS.

HILARIOUS!  If you get a chance to see this, watch it online or whatever, do it.  He spent the entire show as a naughty, charming “crocadeelyalligator” puppet or some other puppet (a shark or Sean Connery).   This guy’s mind is one of the funniest places on the planet.  There is something so charming, beguiling and endearing about his demeanor and presentation.  Clearly he’s excellent at ad libbing, too, because he’s a scream.

Craig Ferguson as a crocadeelyalligator, his alter ego. He really knows how to work this puppet.

Get a great many laughs:  watch Craig Ferguson, especially his 1000th show.  Sharky Shark loves the Shark, of course.  I really like Wavy Rancheros,

the crocadeelyalligator.   Look him up on YouTube.



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