Frugal Artist Series, #2

December 17, 2009

What about using eye shadow in paint? How come you don't?

Art supplies always add up and it seems that just stopping into the supply store for one thing is like going to Costco: you can never get out of there having spent just a small amount of money.  Here are some ways to defray that hit on the pocketbook:

Wish you had a metallic paint color?  Just put eye shadow into the paint.   You can often find inexpensive eye shadows in the dollar store.  Eye shadow contains cosmetic grade mica.  Mica is the shimmer in metallic paints.   Viola!  Just powder it up and mix it on the brush as you mix colors.  I’ve done this when making paste paper, too.  It’s really pretty.

Organize an artist’s party – everyone has stuff they’re done with in the studio.  Each person coming must bring art supplies that they don’t want or need anymore.  It can be papers, mediums that you tried and don’t like, found objects, interesting tissue papers, textures, old paint brushes, weird plumbing parts – you name it.  Someone will find exactly the thing they needed to finish a project and won’t that feel good?  Plus you may find something worthy that will spark or intrigue some new work out of you!

I love other people’s old paint brushes.  They make marks that can be very interesting, stuff I couldn’t plan if I tried.  I like that element of surprise.  How about you?


2 Responses to “Frugal Artist Series, #2”

  1. Love that eyeshadow tip–wish I had read it a few days ago before I bought a big tube of metallic copper paint! 🙂

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