Blog Snow!

December 16, 2009

YUP! We have blog snow.  Move your mouse around and you can change the direction fo the snowfall.  Have some fun with it!

Years and years ago when we were heavy into our Amiga computer there was a hack that was like this.  It would snow on the desktop but the great thing was that the snow actually piled up on the icons and stuff!   My husband pranked me with it.   He would find these great hacks from Germany and set them running on startup on our machine and wait for me to turn it on.  The snow one was a Christmas thing.

The funniest hack he pranked me with was the melting desktop.  I turned on the computer, everything loaded up fine and then the whole screen, icons and everything, started melting and sagging to the bottom.  It freaked me out for about 3 seconds and then I started calling him, he who was so fond of hack pranks.  =)

Enjoy the snow!


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