The Frugal Artist Series, #1

December 15, 2009

An idea popped into my head about making your own inexpensive collage supplies.  It’s a simple marriage of tools and stuff that helps to keep you ‘shopping at home’.   I’m sure I’m not the first to figure this one out (and it’s not the first time I’ve had this idea):

Scan fabrics that you like and print them.

You can change the colors on the scanned image so now you have the same thing, only different.   Scanned fabric still has the texture of fabric but it’s easier to collage as paper.  And the best thing is that you never run out of that pattern.

Best new product for collage:

Crafter’s Pick Ultimate collage adhesive.  This is lovely stuff!  It dries with a lovely matte finish.  When you get it on your hands you can just roll it off like white glue so it’s not very messy.  The finish is the best I’ve seen and it doesn’t smell weird.

Oh, have I ever told you that I sniff everything?  My great friend, Linda Goff, nicknamed me ‘Sniffy’ for a reason.  She’s gone now but some things never change. =)


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