‘Tis the Season

December 13, 2009

So anyone following this blog has heard at least a dozen times that I collect some things… er, used to collect things.  One of those things is Christmas.  Yup, I collect *Christmas*.

Clown snowman. How cute!

It used to be that Christmas was all there was to any given year.  As soon as it was over, I was scheming on the next one.  There just wasn’t anything else to fixate on like Christmas and apparently, I do like to fixate.   One of the things I fixated on for awhile was the wonderful Christmas art produced by Cody Foster,  Bethany Lowe and Tina Flannery as well as vintage putz villages made in Germany and Japan.  Now, I don’t have all of these things.  In fact, I just collected pictures of them from the internet.  It takes up less room!

I do have something like the pink snowman and a couple of mansion Putz houses, vintage twins, in fact.  If you don’t know about Putz villages, they are the little cardboard houses, decorated with snow and animals, that traditionally Germans make little village scenes with under the tree or on a fireplace mantel.

I also have a 2 foot tinsel tree that I decorate with little ornaments that I  and my daughter made.  I love that sparkly thing!

Cody Foster glitter house in the tradition of the putz villages.

Charming snowmen, sparkly trees: what's not to like?

Christmas Town on my mantel, an annual tradition.

You can find these lovely holiday  things on Ebay,   http://www.christmastraditions.com and http://www.blumchen.com.  Enjoy the season and make your own joy!  I certainly do.

Merry Christmas!


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