The Sky is a Painting

December 12, 2009

I’m always taking pictures of the sky.   I just don’t think we pay enough attention to it.  I think that the sky has a different color bias everywhere you go – kind of like those CSI shows on T.V.  Have you seen any of those?   The Miami one has total golden overcasts to every scene, much like Florida in general.  The New York one is grayer, less sky/more buildings.

Whenever I’m in New Mexico, Florida or Arizona, that different color bias is really clear to me.  I suppose that I’ve lived in the Seattle area so long that I don’t perceive what our sky’s color bias is.   But every now and then, I am awed by the sky.  Just to catch it is such treasure.  Treasure makes you glad to be alive.  =)

The sky is a painting!

Sky jewelry, yes?

Wow! what a sunrise right outside of my front door.

Treasure in the sky right outside my front door.


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