Artistic Presents = Artist’s Presence

December 7, 2009

Yes, you read that right.  When looking for ways to saturate my life with more creative time during the holidays I came up with making an annual ornament as a special gift.  Of course I started with making all of my gifts but over the years have come to realize that there is a time issue with this idea – uh, not to mention that my arthritis will only let me do so much with my hands anymore.

Okay, so each year I try to think up some different ornaments.  Years ago when I started this, I make stars out of 36 gauge aluminium and copper sheet.  The aluminum star was made smaller then the copper one.  I embossed each using knitting needle, ball point pen or whatever was to hand, with designs, then epoxied the silver star on top of the copper one, punched a hold and added a wire hanger.

The following year, I pulped up egg cartons and paper to make a paper slurry (mush) and pushed that into candy molds.  My favorite one was Santa’s head.  These had to dry for days and days before I could take them out of the mold.  I handpainted each one using watercolor paints so that they would have a vintage look to them and then I got wild with glitter glue to add snow sparkle.  I added cotton on Santa’s beard or on the ball of his hat on some.  Just a dab of white glue is good.   I still have some of these that have not been painted yet and it’s been years!  If you make these, be sure to seal them with a matte varnish or they’ll fall apart from moisture eventually.  I live in Seattle – I know.

Anyway, this is a fun way to stay creative, give special gifts and really enjoy the season without all the hassle and stress!   I’m all for that!


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