Paris: Art and Architecture

December 2, 2009

So just a couple more pix of of the Louvre – I don’t want to bore anybody… I just saw the episode of ‘Bachelor Father’ today where Bentley Greg, Kelly and Peter Tong have just returned from 5 weeks in Europe.  The point was that they all became boors with Peter even going so far as to affect a very proper British accent.    I’m trying not to be as goofy as that but share some hopefully interesting things that you wouldn’t ordinarily get.  Of course I would not

have a ‘normal’ experience to share wherever I went anyway…

Ceiling mural in Napolean's apartments at the Louvre.

I couldn’t quite fathom living in

the world of Napolean.  Even though I was in his apartments and looking out of the same windows, seeing the view that he may have looked out upon, it escapes me.  I don’t know that I would be that comfortable with all that opulence around me all the time.

I know that the rich funded artists and probably furthered the realm of art because of that funding.  I guess we have to thank those that can afford to underwrite, mentor or pay for good art.

Napolean's dining room.

These living quarters are amazing. I guess what I can’t imagine is seeing this stuff every day and maybe taking it for granted.  Wouldn’t that be weird?  I’m talking about jaw dropping stuff that you would eventually stop really seeing because of seeing it every day.   Unimaginable.

The dining room just went on and on.  It must have experienced some interesting conversations over time.  I can imagine some stiff state dinners, politically arranged seating charts, etc.

Richelieu Pavilion through the Pyramid.

I caught some shots of Richelieu Pavilion through the Pyramid designed by I.M. Pei.  I wanted to remember that view because it was so unusual.  Also, it’s interesting that to get from pavilion to pavilion, you’re underground beneath the plaza instead of outside walking from building to building.  It’s pretty cool.

One of the pavilions viewed through the Pyramid at the Louvre at night.

I caught this shot of my husband, on Rue de Louvre, waiting for the bus under the street light.  It’s one of my favorite shots of our trip.  He looks like he belongs there and there is a tinge of the odd light that is prevalent in Paris at night, a gold light, like nowhere else I’ve been.  Of all the places we’ve gone together now it is clear that this is one of the places that we really were at home.

Waiting for the bus on Rue de Louvre on a November night.


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