Paris: The Louvre

November 30, 2009

Inside the Louvre.

We were so excited to be at the Louvre that I must have taken about 300 shots in our short time there.  We got there in the afternoon and shut the place down.  Seeing the site after dark was just as fun as seeing all the art.  It’s the largest museum in the world but it used to be where rulers lived.  With this in mind, we went from seeing Mona and the Italian paintings to Greek mosaics and then Napolean’s apartments.  WOWZA.  There were maps of each section of the Louvre in every language – hundreds of them are there when you go in.

Maps of the Louvre in every language.

In the mosaics area we saw some really cool, articulated, ivory dolls in a case and of course, the floor was all mosaic in there. YES, I took pictures of the floors!  Ya’ll know I’m a bit kooky for carpets, floors, windows and doors by now, right?

The Louvre floor, so worn that it's like embossed marble.

Suffice it to say that I am probably the only person taking pictures of the floors and ceilings in the Louvre.  Yup, that would be me.

Once articulated ivory dolls.

I couldn’t help but take pix of the ceilings in Napolean’s apartments.  That little guy understood posh living apparently.  He also liked very tall spaces.  I think the ceilings in the living room are 3 stories tall and yet they’re very ornate.

Napolean's living room chandelier and ceiling.

More pix tomorrow!

Part of Napolean's living room at the Louvre.


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