Pictures of Switzerland

November 24, 2009

Okay, despite coming home to my personal little card fraud hell, our trip was a great adventure.  We stayed at my friend’s home in a small village of 6,000 and drove down to Bubikon for the show every day.  The show is a modern art show and held in Ritterhaus, a castle built for the Knights of Malta.  The Knights of Malta were originally an order of good deed doers that administered to the poor, sick and homeless.  This castle was built in 1192 and much of it is still the original structure.  The chapel burned down at some point and was rebuilt exactly as before, complete with frescos on the walls.  The Library has beautiful murals and trompe l’oeil painted paneling.   Here are some pix:

Library wall trompe l'oeil

Ritterhaus library murals and the real wood paneling.

The detail of the painting on these walls is incredible.  This room is kept dark to perserve the images and of course, I didn’t use a flash to take these pictures so they’re dark.  Still you get an idea of how lovely they are.   Can you imagine living in such a place?

The artist or artists that painted these images was very good.  I know these images would be classified as naive but they are really very charming.

Fresco over a chapel door.

This is the brightest of the frescos in the chapel.  The chapel is still used for special occasions, sometimes weddings, etc.    There were about 5 artists displaying their work in the chapel during the show.  I think it’s about the coldest room though!
















Fresco ghosts outside of the chapel.

Check out the texture of this castle wall!


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