The Unexpected: Card Fraud

November 21, 2009

Word of warning: keep your ATM card numbers hidden every time you use your card!

YUP.  I’ve been hit.  Currently all my funds and more have been spent by someone else, my account is frozen and I can’t even buy a pack of gum.  What a lovely way to come home from Europe.

The creepiest thing is that I was careful!  I only used my card 3 times while I was gone and each time, I only used it at a bank.   Not only that but I am always careful about keeping the numbers on the card covered up, shielding my hands when punching in the pin numbers, etc.   And the gold on my numbers is mostly rubbed off.  None of that helped apparently.

All I can figure is that my card info got snagged while I was in the small village in Switzerland, though I don’t know how.  No one with me that also used their ATM cards at the same place that same day have had any issues.  The date of the first fraudulent withdrawal occurred the first day I used my card in a week and I can’t imagine that once whoever got my info sat on it for over a week before using it.

The only bright side is that they didn’t clean me out as soon as they got access.  If they had, we would have been in Paris without any money and that would have really sucked.  I worked pretty much 7 days a week for the last 8 months to pay for this trip, just to have someone steal a good portion of it.

I can’t imagine being so low as to live stealing from others.  I think that’s just sick.


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