Getting Your Work into a Gallery, Part 3

November 13, 2009

A good way to get your work seen at a gallery you have your eye on is to contact them for an informational interview.   An informational interview is solely for the purpose of meeting with a gallerist to find out what they look for particularly, learn what they expect and to ask questions.  You call them and let them know that you’re interested in an informational interview to learn how gallery representation/exhibition works and to understand better what their expectations are.  Consider this a free lesson, so to speak.  You will be surprised at how many people will have time for this!  They’re always interested in educating artists so that their job will be easier.

Of course you take some of those postcards that you’ve made that have a sample of your work on them to give to the gallerist and ask what they would do differently for such a promotional piece…see where this is going?  They will see your work on the postcard.  Maybe that will stick in their brain and then when you start sending them announcements (via other postcards) of where to see your work (on telephone poles, in a cafe, on your wall by appt. only, etc.), it will be familiar to them and perhaps at some point, they’ll put it together that they want your work for a specific show.

You’re creative right?  So now instead of just using my ideas, get creative and make a list of your own.  Really – get to it now!

Tomorrow: more about those postcards


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