Getting Your Work into a Gallery, Part 2

November 12, 2009

So staging your own show can be as easy as using the telephone pole idea and then spending a little money to get some nice announcements with a great visual to send out to the galleries that you want to exhibit in.  Pretty postcards are inexpensive at VistaPrint ( where there is always a special going on and you can get the first 50 cards free, etc.  Yes, you have to pay for shipping and then of course, postage to send them out but that is less expensive then putting together a bunch of mailable portfolios and mailing those for someone to throw away, right?

Now let’s back track here a bit.  Make sure you research those galleries.  If you’re trying to get your jewelry work into a strictly Fine Art gallery, that isn’t going to happen.  So the second rule is: don’t waste *YOUR* time!  It’s valuable.  This research will help you to find the venues that would be a good fit for your work and therefore might actually be interested in having your work.   It makes sense when you stop and think about it, yes?   See? It’s not so hard.

Okay, so still back tracking a little here: why do you want your work in a gallery?  I used to ask this all the time and then a good friend of mine said “why do you make all this stuff if no one is going to see it?”.  Hmmm, good point.   I know I make it for me but it would be nice to cover my expenses so I can make more.  There’s the answer right there.   See tomorrow for more gallery ideas!


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