Developing an Art Market, Part 2

November 10, 2009

Okay, so we have the concept of why hype works (the radio station model) and that sometimes things have to grow on people before they get it or decide whether they like it or not.   Let’s explore some ways to do that with art.

In my post a couple of days ago, I mentioned using telephone poles to staple a series of art to so it would get seen.  This isn’t a bad idea actually.  Guerilla tactics command attention and demand awareness.  Imagine painting a bold series of 4 paintings on unstretched canvas and taking the canvasses and tacking them around 4 telephone poles in a row on a busy street, near a bus stop.  Say your website is across the bottom of each canvas.  Watch the numbers of visits to your website for the next two weeks and see how they differ from the previous two weeks prior to posting those paintings.

What about making a bookmark out of a slice of your art with your website on it.  Make 40 of those on a color copier (ten to a page and cut them apart), then leave them lying around in four different libraries.

I once had a plan to do this in a methodical way.  I would pick 4 libraries in one region and seed my bookmarks there over a period of a few months and then switch to 4 different libraries in another area and so on.  By rotating venues, I am expanding the exposure area.  What about doing this in the cafe of a book store?   You never know who will see one of those bookmarks, like what they see, visit your website and suddenly someone wants to display your work or maybe own a piece or something.

This is how you develop an art market: MAKE people notice your work.


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