Developing an Art Market, Part 1

November 9, 2009

Check out what sorts of venues there are that you would think would be good for your work to be in.  Make sure these are viable places to get your work seen.  In other words, yeah, we all would like to have our work in a museum or some other place we deem has cache but what about places where it will really be seen?

Remember in the old days of radio how they would play a new song to death?  Maybe the first 4 times we heard it we didn’t actually care for it but after the 5th or 8th time we heard, we found that this was good music.  What is that?  It’s developing a market.  Yes, really.   People are funny about new things when it comes to the arts.  They like to see the same ballet or play every year (think Nutcracker or Hair).   It takes awhile for people to see a thing, register it into their awareness and then make it part of their world.

If you had the interiors  of your home completely re-done by a professional while you were out of town and came back, it would be so different that you wouldn’t know whether you liked it or not.  That’s what happens when people are subjected to art.  It’s completely new to them and they don’t quite know what to do with it.   Now that you’ve got this concept, tomorrow we’ll explore some ways to grow your market.



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