Get Past Your Art Fears

November 7, 2009

If no one knows about your work how do they know they want it?  So this is really the nut, isn’t it?  So how do you get it out in front of those that would want to buy it?  Either we make it too hard or we don’t go for it because of fear.  I have been known to tell my students that everything you’ve always wanted is on the other side of your fear.  So look at it because it will get in your way.  If you are in your own way, you will mess things up again and again.  So the plan here is two fold: deal with your fear and get your work out there any way you can with taste.  THAT IS THE KICKER:  with taste.

What does that mean?  Well, don’t tack your paintings up on bulletin boards – though a good guerilla tactic would be to make a series of work that you staple to telephone poles.  Bulletin boards are schlocky, telephone poles could be cool because outsider art is often found there.

Starting at the beginning: don’t let fear stop you.  All those thoughts running through your mind like ‘what if…’.  Here’s an example: what if people like my stuff and I can’t make enough?  What if no one likes my work and I sell nothing?  What if…?’   Okay, you get the idea.  Throw those all out of your head or ignore them.  Do whatever it takes to shut those thoughts down. Just know that you must make your art to be you.  Isn’t THAT enough to do it?   If it feeds your soul and floats your boat, what is to stop you?   This is dealing with blatant fear.  Tomorrow: subterranean fear.



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