Mixed Media Resources

November 2, 2009

I consider Maggie Grey and the UK Fiber/Textiles that she is part of to be extremely innovative when it comes to experimentation with different materials and mixing media.  You can see Maggie’s blog at:


This last year, Maggie had a list group called ‘Catalog Killers’.  The premise of this group was to bury a catalog outside for a period of time, dry it out thoroughly and then use it as the basis for a variety of different art making projects and techniques.  The results were incredible.  I was fascinated by the comments of people unburying their catalogs and considering them not done yet and then re-burying with inventive ideas on how to make the catalogs decay properly, further and faster, etc.

Create amazing materials to make wall art, books, vessels and more.

Create amazing materials to make wall art, books, vessels and more.

While it sounds ugly, the results were amazing.  All of the applied techniques are available Maggie’s book ‘Textile Translations’, an amazing and rich book full of experimentation on just about every material imaginable.   Additionally, Maggie had free classes connected to this book online, hence the list group.  The group was password protected keyed to specific words in the book so you had to have the book to access the group.



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