The Witching Hour

October 31, 2009

HalloweenSilhouettesSample Where does the term ‘Witching Hour’ come from and what does it mean?  Turns out it’s an old European term used to describe a time when supernatural creatures, witches and ghosts come out and are at their most powerful.  Black magic is also most powerful during this time.

Originally this was applied to midnight.  That has changed to be applied to any late hour of the night between 12 -3 a.m. anymore.   However the devil’s hour is always around 3 a.m.  This is because most deaths occur between 3-5 a.m.   I suppose this gives rise to the phrase ‘ make it though the night’ as well.

Some grim thoughts for Halloween!SkeletonforAnn


One Response to “The Witching Hour”

  1. marie s said

    Wow, very interesting.
    Happy Halloween!

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