Another New Book is Coming

October 25, 2009

Tucson at Sunset.

Tucson at Sunset.

In Feb. I teach at the JOGS Show in Tucson ( with an amazing group of artists.   Lana May is in charge of getting our info and everything together for the website and PR besides being the Editor and art designer of Art Bead Circle magazine (

I met Lana May when I was teaching in Phoenix in the Spring of 2007.  She was waiting for me to finish teaching a class to talk with me about teaching in Tucson.  Little did I know then just how talented and amazing she is.    She does amazing things with seed beads as you can see in the picture below of one of her neck pieces.  This picture was taken when it was being exhibited in Japan.

Lana's neck piece on display in Japan.

Lana's neck piece on display in Japan.

Anyway, many of the jewelry artists that teach at the JOGS Show got together at dinner one night last Winter and Kathy St. Martin popped out with we should write a book.  So we did.   I saw the galleys week before last (or was that just last week?) so the corrections are being made before it goes to print.  I know the suggested title was Mingled Media in Jewelry or something like that but all I saw was a working title.  A working title isn’t necessarily the one that is used so I don’t really know what the title will be.

Many of the projects in the book are collaborations between the JOGS Show instructors.  The JOGS Show instructors include Lana, Dale Cougar Armstrong, Tatiana Van Iten,  Kathy St. Martin,  Olena Bugrimenko, Albina Manning and Jean Campbell among others.  Needless to say, it’s a fun book!

The book will be available in time for the Tucson show in Feb.  with Lana May and friends listed as the author.

If you have never been to this show – go!  It’s amazing.  There are separate shows all over Tucson and it pretty much takes over the whole town.  It’s really something worth seeing.  I’ve seen geodes as large as my Geo (my car!) there.  The rocks and gems, beads and classes are everywhere.  There are classes in wire working, polymer clay, precious metal clay, metal smithing and more all over town.  There are vendors selling everything from semi precious stone beads to Tibetan prayer boxes.  Everything is there and if you’ve never been to Tucson: it’s beautiful.  It’s situated in the mountains, lovely vistas are all around you.  Even at the airport – especially at the airport!

If I weren’t teaching, I would say that this would be a lovely thing to do when it’s deep winter everywhere else every year.  Imagine taking wonderful, inspiring classes in such a lovely setting as a respite from the weather at home.  What a great way to make it through Winter every year.

A typical view of Tucson.

A typical view of Tucson.


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