Stray Thoughts

October 16, 2009

Have you ever looked at the color between the striations in a Labradorite stone?  There is a quiet coral color there on the blue chatoyant ones…  OKAAAAAY – there are some words to look up if you don’t them.  OH! and FRENCH, too!  Chatoyant, it is French.   It means like the back of a cat’s eye, the way it reflects when light hits it.  Some stones do that, too.  Opals are a universal reference for this property.  Moonstone and Labradorite are the same except that Moonstone is white and flashes blue, Labradorite can flash yellow (reminiscent of an oil slick) or blue, a beautiful electric blue.   That’s my favorite though I own both types.

I just figured out that this color that I’ve been trying to pull out of some pieces that I’ve just made is the color between the striations in blue flashing Labradorite.   It’s sorta pink, but not pink.

I just bought a luscious ring from Down to the Wire ( made by Chuck Domitrovich and that color is in there.   I love it. I mean the ring and that color.


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