For the Love of Food

October 14, 2009

I love food.  I have even taken pictures of the food I was served on the SST.  No kidding.  I have the pix (somewhere) to prove it.  It was quite a fancy spread, too.  They served Nova smoked salmon on china with a lovely linen cloth underneath, international silver silverware, crystal wine glasses – you get the idea.  And that was just the appetizer.

One of the older SST planes.

One of the older SST planes.

( For those that may not know: the SST was a supersonic transport that flew faster then the speed of sound otherwise known as Mach speed. They stopped flying the SST in 2003).

So there we were eating a fine meal while flying at Mach speed from London to New York.  I saw the curvature of the earth that day and it was like flying in a rocket, no exaggeration.    I was up for 28 hours that trip home, having had breakfast at Heathrow Airport, breakfast on the plane, breakfast in New York and when I got home to Seattle: it was still breakfast!  Good thing I love breakfast.

It wasn’t until this last two years that I figured out what was killing me: food.  I’ve always been allergic to wheat but I didn’t realize that once I got older that I couldn’t get away with continuing to eat it.  After going to China in 2005, I was sick for over almost 2 years.  I thought I might have gotten some organism but now I know it was wheat.  We ate lots of wheat noodles in China. Every day.  It proved to be my undoing.

What happened?  Well, for starters, my rosacea was out of control and nothing made a difference.  I looked funny all the time, bright red in fact.  Unfortunately, I have been filmed on T.V. looking like that so it’s immortalized forever.  UGH.    Then my skin started rubbing off, yes really.  Just rubbing off. And I had rashes like crazy.  Next: water gave me indigestion and I couldn’t eat anything.  I had indigestion for weeks on end.  Then my hair started falling out (oh what a pretty picture of me I am painting here!).  That was the last straw!  It was all very weird.

How did I find out it was wheat?  I went to Google and put in my symptoms.  I think it saved my life.


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