Dodging Bullets

October 12, 2009

Ever get the feeling that you might be on some list somewhere for some rotten reason?   I know that feeling.  Everyone that knows me believes there is a ‘Meredith Arnold Vortex’, I have an invisible ‘V’ on my forehead and I have proof there is yet, it seems to me that to believe in it makes it stronger, more real, allows it to be  so I don’t tell that story so much anymore.

That story is about how we take so many things for granted, for example:

When YOU push the button for the elevator, you  just know there is an elevator coming.   So you step back and wait for the inevitable.

I don’t.  I just know that I’ve pushed a button and I hope that the door in front of me will open and there will be an elevator but I know that some day it will be something else…or may never come…or instead, the door will open and out will pop a Genie, a fire breathing dragon or there will just be a big black hole or…

You get the drift?  Are you catching what I’m throwing?

So how does one dodge bullets if one thinks this way?  Thinking this way means you never know what’s next, what will happen from moment to moment.   This is what I call ‘untethered’ thinking.  Untethered thinking feeds on itself and I have to catch myself before I go there.  Hence, not much is said about that old Vortex these days.


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