October 10, 2009

As an artist, I know I am prone to obsessions.  The longest running obsession I’ve had is for color.  Color floats my boat.  I love to play with it.  It makes me happy and that never fails.  You would think that after studying color for the last 36 years that I would know all about it, but I don’t.  It would seem that I should be bored with it by now but I’m not.  I will always be fascinated by color.  Hence my sequin collection, for one.

Color is just light being reflected.  The color you see is the one frequency that didn’t get absorbed by the background so it got reflected or refracted.  It’s amazing.

I have other obsessions: sequins, birds, polka dots, and Gocco printing.  YUP.  Now I have a collection of Gocco printers, not as extensive as my sequin collection but it is bordering on the ridiculous a little bit.  I have owned my first Gocco printer for about 15 years.  I fell in love with the idea of printing my own books and just printmaking in general.  It prints an area of 4+ inches by 6 plus inches, (postcard size). Next I got the smallest Gocco, an MG-11 with the Xenon lamp.  It can print a business card sized area at a time.  Now, some years later I have procured a PG-11, the best registration system Gocco for multi-color printing around.  I got it from Japan last week and it’s cool.  I wish I had some time to use it but I will when I get back from Switzerland.

A few days ago,  I saw the biggest Gocco ever made on Ebay for a tenth of the price that is going for usually.  How could I resist?  It’s an incomplete unit so it doesn’t have all the accessories that normally come with it but I can make it work no problem.   It will print an area of 6 plus inches by 9 plus inches and I’m waiting for it to show up now.

Okay, thousands of sequins, 4 Goccos and what else? Wait! There’s more: cameras.  YUP.  I must own 8 or so cameras now. None of my photo

Older Pentax 35 mm camera.

Older Pentax 35 mm camera.

equipment is high end stuff but it all works for my purposes.  I only get to use one regularly (a digital) but I have 5 film based cameras.  One of them is a Holga SF 120 mm complete with light leaks for cool photo effects. I suppose I should start looking https://mereditharnold.wordpress.com/wp-admin/post-new.php

Huge 900 lb. camera. NOT MINE!

Huge 900 lb. camera. NOT MINE!

for that film now that no one is processing film base anymore.  I never thought that would happen in my lifetime. I wonder if I can still get the chemistry to at least develop the film? Hmmm, I feel another obsession coming on…


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