Unique Character

October 7, 2009

I’ve been thinking about the unique characters that we were exposed to with the advent of television.  Yes, I remember when NO ONE had a t.v. which is a very weird thought, really.

Anyway, thinking about those characters like Peter Lorre, Neville Brand (low gravelly voice/a main character in ‘Laredo’), Everett Edward Horton (narrated ‘Fractured Fairy Tales’ on the ‘Rocky and Bullwinkle Show’), Hans Conried (also did some voice overs for Rocky and Bullwinkle), Dom Deluise and more.  Where are our characters now?  I just can’t think of any except for the unique Guvnor (I’ll be back) Arnold, whose voice you can pick out of a commercial easily if it were in one.

Sounds are important.  Characters are also important.  They’re the ones that let us know it’s okay to be different, (how can you not?).  They’re the ones we remember above the run of the mill, vanilla, sameness that is the context of the majority.  They’re the ones that make me realize why it’s important to think about what you want to be known for.  Would you like to be remembered for your voice, your work, your personality, how you speak or your spirit?  It’s all good but you must know that you get to pick which it will be.


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