Says You!

October 6, 2009

Would you like to borrow this pie?

Would you like to borrow this pie?

Have you ever listened to National Public Radio (NPR)?   There is a show called ‘Says You!’ that is hilarious word play in a game show format.  I kind of fell into it on the drive home from teaching a class in another town and was amused the entire way home.

For example, questions based on odd laws on the books in Tennessee were asked of the panel (they were airing from Tennessee, of course).  One of the questions was:

Illegal pie?

Illegal pie?

If you’re arrested for promulgating postprandial pie, what would that violation be?   Guesses from the panel included selling pie after dinner or prostituting pie.  The answer was that it’s illegal to take a bite of someone else’s pie or take part of your piece of pie home with you from a restaurant.  In other words: all pie must be consumed on the premises.  So that prompts me to ask whatever happened in Tennessee to make this a law? Someone had a problem with a customer taking home a box of their unfinished pie?  What kind of time did it take them to get this made into a law and how much discussion was there on the topic beforehand?

MMMMmmm illegal pie tastes so much better!

MMMMmmm illegal pie tastes so much better!

Someone from the audience yelled that it was because it was a rational pi…

Another question was that you were not to encourage caliginous amphibious speech, what would you be arrested for?  One of the panel suggested it was not to name your frog Caligula.  Another answered that you shouldn’t force your frog to croak after dark, which was close.  It is actually a law against frogs croaking after dark.  This begs the question: how do you stop frogs croaking after dark and whose idea was that one?

Shhhhhhhhhh! Sleep Froggy Sleep!

Shhhhhhhhhh! Sleep Froggy Sleep!


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