Free Ideas

October 1, 2009

Ideas are free!  Here, have some:

Make a shrine out of the box a pack of playing cards came in:

1. paint the box with Lumiere paint (gorgeous metallic colors), if you don’t want the paint to show through, paint it with gesso first.  Make the inside a different color then the outside.

2. Use gel medium as glue and glue on pieces of paper or pictures from magazines that you like.   Add words or phrases found in that magazine or old book.

3.  Create a person to live in the shrine: pick a face you like from magazine pix, choose a person wearing the clothes that you want your person to wear…you get the idea! Create your own person that lives in the shrine.  Give them a hat, accessories, how about a handbag?  Maybe the bag is made from a picture of a car?  Perhaps the person is wearing shoes that are from other pictures?

Guaranteed the end result will make you laugh.   I haven’t made one yet – like I said, this is a free idea.  If I have time to make one, I’ll post a picture here for you.  =)


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