Print Gocco Research

September 25, 2009

The coveted Print Gocco PG-11.

The coveted Print Gocco PG-11.

A little while ago, I asked what happened to Print Gocco?  I’ve since done a bit of research on the subject to find out.  There are lots of resources and article links posted here:

I suppose that with the advent of new technology artists are turning to other tools so Gocco sales dropped.  I have to say that there isn’t anything that takes the place of the Gocco’s ability to produce up to 70-80 prints in one inking.  The other plus is that it takes pulling the squeegee out of the equation and instead makes creating a print simple as closing a box, tapping the two sides together and that’s it.

The Print Gocco was my first introduction to both screen printing and printmaking.  It is an impressive device, well designed and extremely functional for the artist to use at home.  I wonder why there hasn’t been some buyer for the Gocco product line.  It would be a rare situation where the product already has a market to jump off from.

In the meantime, check out osme of the lovely things that are being printed with Gocco printers:

I love her artist book titled: ‘Contemplation on the Obsessive Nature of Time’.

This is a printmaker’s etsy site.  Very graphic work with a Scandinavian stylization, beautiful colors and lots of Gocco prints.

The lessons I’ve learned from printmaking processes is to slow down, step things out – in other words, break the project down into steps and build the work step by step.  I love the process of making art.   Give me a way to delve into the process step by incredible step and I will.  I find myself prolonging finishing things because like a good book, I hate for that story to end.


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