The Edmonds Art Studio Tour Sept. 19 & 20

September 16, 2009

Can you tell I’m getting ready for a show?  I’ve sent out my announcements, left brochures everywhere I can think of and now I have to get to actually making some new things to flesh out what I have to offer…and the show is in 3 days.

I have never been in a studio tour and I haven’t sold my own work in years except off my website.  It’s a little nervewracking to know that I am going to be present to explain the work, see if it’s enjoyed…or not.   I have two major worries: I won’t have enough stuff to be worthy of being there and if that’s the case, wouldn’t it be awful to end up with nothing left on the second day?  I KNOW that will never happen and it’s not arrogance talking here.  It’s worry.  Of course if my work is awful, I will finish the weekend with all of it, won’t I?   So that begs the question: do I make some ugly stuff just so that I won’t worry?

I hope that made you laugh.  It’s a goofy thought but this is the sort of thinking that happens leading up to such an event which is probably why I stopped doing shows – that and the set up just to tear down thing.  I just make stuff and show it in my classes as samples.  I suppose trying to sell it is better then having it disappear in a class or from an exhibit which is how my work seems to leave me these days.  We’ll see.  I’ll let you know how it goes.  I’m sure it will be wonderful and satisfying but right now, that seems like just a dream.

In the meantime, I apologize for the lack of posts.  I’m in the studio making stuff!


One Response to “The Edmonds Art Studio Tour Sept. 19 & 20”

  1. marie s said

    Good luck my dear! Have fun, I think that is why we do these things and the conacts LOL!!! ;-D

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