The MapGuide Series

September 9, 2009

Planning a trip? Just want to dream?  Get a MapGuide by Michael Middleditch.  These guides are an amazing resource for touring by bus or other public transpo, include public transpo routes, historical points of interest, history info, entertainment and more.

The Paris MapguideWe just bought the Paris Mapguide for our upcoming visit there.  It is the companion to another great guide that a very nice woman, Marilyn, bought for me called ‘Finding Fashion and Fabric Abroad, Florence, London, and Paris’ by Jennefer Penfold of Travel by Design, Lynnwood, WA.  Apparently Jennefer Penfold conducts tours in Europe for quilters.  This particular guide includes info about museums, fabric shops, art supplies, libraries, paper stores (postcards, stamps, etc.) and more.  Each section refers you to a map in the corresponding Mapguide (published by Penguin).  I learned from this book that after dark the Eiffel Tower sparkles for 10 minutes every hour on the hour.  How cool is that?

This makes it easy to arrange your own customized tour and know which map will be needed for each day.  The sights are categorized by location so you can arrange to see multiple places close together in a day yet all the info is also indexed by category, too.  So you can always look under ‘Restaurants’ for a specific place for example.   These mapguides would be great for collage, too!  The maps would make perfect backgrounds…

So far I have found some pretty interesting places that I wouldn’t have known about otherwise:  Musee de la Poupee (Poupee is doll!), Sennelier (makers of fabulous pastels, etc.),  Tresors du Tibet which has Tibetan and Nepali stuff and it’s situated on St. Louis en l’ile or the little island of St. Louis in the Seine, not far from our hotel.

Clair du Reve,  ( – GO to this website, Ann! They make automated dolls, marionettes, and more.  Click on their pix to see more of what they do.  It’s really cool.  There is an articulated bird in one of the pix that has me thinking…


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