Printmaking Books to Inspire Great Art

September 6, 2009

Handmade Hellos: Fresh Greeting Card Projects from First-Rate Crafters“Handmade Hellos” by Chronicle Books includes how to print using a Gocco printer, emboss, hand bind, stamp, stencil and more.  A good intro to some fun ways to play and try your hand at some different things that might spark some great inspiration and art for you.

Printing by Hand: A Modern Guide to Printing with Handmade Stamps, Stencils, and Silk Screens “Printing By Hand: A Modern Guide to Printing With Handmade Stamps, Stencils and Silkscreens” by Lena Corwin. This book offers step by step instructions and photos to follow for the different processes with an envelope in the back of the book holding a bunch of patterns for you to use.  The author is a textile designer whose clients include Calvin Klein and Elle Decor magazine.

Lotta Prints: How to Print with Anything, from Potatoes to Linoleum“Lotta Prints: How to Print Anything From Potatoes to Linoleum” by Lotta Jansdotter.   This one just *looks* like fun!


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