Cookies are the Perfect Food

September 4, 2009 I really do think that cookies are the perfect food.  Everything is contained in one round of cookie, (think chocolate chip): protein, chewiness, chocolate, you can carry it easily… It’s hard to resist.

Okay so, feeling that cookies are the perfect food AND being allergic to wheat don’t jive too well.  When I stopped eating wheat entirely a year ago my biggest hardship was when I thought about chocolate chip cookies.  How could I live a life chocolate chip cookie free and still be happy?  I didn’t have any answers until I found that PCC bakes wheat free chocolate chip cookies.  OMIGAWD.  Oh they smell so good, those fresh baked cookies.  I could hardly believe my good fortune especially since I drive right by a PCC Market almost every day.   That part could be not so good if I stopped there and bought cookies every day.  Thank goodnes I don’t.

However, I am impressed with those cookies and I often get a hankering in my head for them.  It is such a treat to have something baked that is okay to eat!


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