Previously Loved Art Sale at ArtWorks Today

August 29, 2009

Great art!

Great art!

It is the annual PLAS sale at ArtWorks today!  We have received donations all year for this art garage sale so we have a lot of stuff at excellent prices: we’re talking serious discounts.  The sale runs 10-4 at ArtWorks (201 2nd Ave. S, Edmonds, WA).

The overall quality of the donations this year are definitely higher then last, too. There is some really good art, a lot of great art supplies, nice frames, papers, prints, and books.  There are also some really great table cloths leftover from the Edmonds Art Festival Patron’s Preview Party.  They remind me of when I got mehndi’d with henna on my hand!  I had to have one!

You can tell when we got tired of pricing things yesterday because everything got cheaper and cheaper!   For example, the books are 50 cents for paperbacks and $1 for hard bound (including Janson’s Art History of the Rennaisance), for the most part.  Getting ANY Janson’s art history book for $1 is ridiculous since they’re all so huge.

Anyway, it’s a great opportunity to pick up some great art or art related stuff at excellent prices. Perhaps I’ll see you there!


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