Watching Movies on iPod Touch

August 25, 2009

As posted earlier, I just got back from Bead Fest Philadelphia, an enormously successful bead show put on by Interweave Publishing.

Because I had a long flight home, (a straight shot with a brief touch down in Nashville), I figured that this would be a testing ground for when I fly to teach in Switzerland in November.  I figured I could watch movies on my iPod Touch, (no, I am not a twenty-something who is born knowing this already!).  So I made it a goal to figure this out and have movies loaded into my iPod for that big 7 hour flight home to see how it worked.

There is some great software out there that will work with any mp3 player called EZ Soft iPod Video Converter, ( and it’s FREE (even better!).  I’ve used this software before to convert videos to my old mp3 player and it worked wonderfully well despite the small screen of that mp3 player.

So best laid plans and all that, I ran out of time and couldn’t get to converting a movie from DVD for my iPod but, I did find that I could rent already converted videos for iPods online!  iTunes has movies you can rent and then sync to your iPod.  It’s easy peasy.

There is also ipod lounge, ( which has a lot of movies, ready to load into your ipod for rent.  It’s a simple process of  going through the free registration, choosing what you want and going from there.   I decided to try one of each for this trip just so I would know how to do this.  Movies to rent on iTunes were generally more expensive then iLounge.  iTunes averaged $6.99 or higher per video compared to iLounge’s average $4.99 per vid (they even have some for less then that).   They were equally simple to navigate: put the videos into the shopping cart, pay for via PayPal or other method, etc.

The next thing to think about was the drain on the iPod’s battery.  Movies running for an hour and a half will take more battery then playing music on an mp3 player.  After researching this issue, I found a portable battery back up on Ebay called the Sidekick IMP 500.  This unit charges from a computer or AC outlet and will give up to 38 hours of time to a cell phone or other electronic device.  You just plug your device into it and it will run off the battery unit or you can use it to charge your device as needed.   I just ran my iPod on this unit when watching the movies without any worry of running out of power.

The hardest part of this whole thing was the download!  This was because I didn’t have time to download either of the movies I chose before I left town.  My little laptop only has an 18 GB hard drive, about 11 of which is all Windows or something equally important and because I didn’t have my external hard drive with me, space was the issue.  Movies can be a bit large, averaging about 1.3 GB each.

Once I dumped all the music on my hard drive, I was fine so off I went.  What I found was that ipod lounge was clearly the winner on the download time.  I don’t know what sort of compression they’re using for this process but it is far superior to iTunes for download time on equally sized movies.  Once I had both movies in my iPod, all I had to do was get on the plane.

Long story short:  I didn’t notice that the plane ride was as long as it was because I was happily entertained!    It was pretty cool to pass the time this way.  The picture was clear, the action was smooth and it was just like watching a little T.V.   One of the movies was one of the new Bond films with Daniel Craig.  The high action was a good test and it was great.  I had snacks and water with me and all that was missing was the recliner!

I’m ready for that flight to and from Europe now, armed with a head set splitter so my husband can enjoy the movie with me.  Porquoi pas?

I think I’ll keep a video loaded onto my iPod for when I’m waiting for stuff and I could watch a good portion of a thing,  (I’m thinking ferry ride, Dr’s office, etc.).   There are a lot of video interviews that would be nice to see that I never have time for.  What would you do with this capability?


3 Responses to “Watching Movies on iPod Touch”

  1. I do the same when on train back to home from work everyday… lol the people sitting nxt to me start watching too… infact i met my current GF this way 🙂 she was watching and i offered a earpiece….. and the rest is history lollllz

  2. Good and relevant post. I have

  3. those generic mp3 players that are made in china are really cheap but i still prefer to use my ipod “‘*

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